Host a study weekend & your own place is free

Why might you want to host? Well, hosting meetings and putting together study days and conferences is actually an important part of the work of many midwives, and student midwives societies too often put on conferences which are very popular amongst birth workers. So promoting and hosting a study weekend (Study days 1 and 2 together) will give you some excellent experience and look great on your access course/degree application 🙂

Although we want to keep the zoom days going as there has been such enthusiastic feedback on them and people can access them from all over the UK, we are open to starting some face-to-face days up again. Our first location is likely to be Scotland – if you’re in Scotland and want to host, get in touch!


This we can do as a team, as we already have a lot of contacts, and you’ll be able to promote the day amongst your friends and fellow aspiring midwives that you’ve met along the way. And actually anyone who may plan to get pregnant one day would find these days interesting too- participants often say “I wish I’d known all this when I was having my baby.”


Once we can have study days in person again, social distancing rules may we can’t easily meet in someone’s house as we used to. If so, we will help you find a low-cost public meeting space, which will need to have access to a small kitchen or a cafe near. Apart from that we just need a space with chairs or sofas that can be a safe distance apart. Often Quaker meeting houses are ideal, and we will cover the cost.


Don’t panic! You’ll need to provide tea, coffee & biscuits, but if we are in a public space, a nearby takeaway/cafe may be an option for lunch. Alternatively, you’ll need to make lunch to share, but you can keep it completely simple. Debs’ YS Study Day classic for many years has been baked potatoes topped with vegan chilli, with bread and a few different cheeses on the side. It’s a hit every time. We will provide a shopping budget.

Considering it?