2021 Online Study Day Dates now open for booking

art by Debs Neiger

Currently all our study days will be held online using Zoom. (It’s really easy to use; if you haven’t before, we can help).  To be sure this works well, we are currently offering only 8 places per day, so book early! The two days come as a set, and you receive a discount of £10 (paying £80 total) if you book both.

It doesn’t matter which way round you do the  two study days, and of course you can do just one. You will receive a certificate that may be useful in your application for further study.


Days already completed this year: Feb 6, Feb 13, March 27

So you want to be a midwife? Part 1 – costs £45, runs 10-3

Sat May 1 (4 places available)

So you want to be a midwife? Part 2 – costs £45, runs 10-3

Sat May 8 (3 places available)

Please note: Payment in full firmly books your place for you. We are not able to do refunds or postponements of places unless it’s us that have had to cancel/postpone for some reason. This is because the study days work best for everyone when we have a full group attending, and because it enables us to keep them low cost for you.  However if for some reason you can’t attend after you have booked, please feel free to pass your place onto a friend.

Is it still fun doing this online instead of in the real world? We are glad to have discovered that yes, it is! Here is some lovely feedback from a zoom participant:

“I have massively enjoyed both study days. I have learnt SO much and also have so much to think about and process with all your amazing shared knowledge and information. All three of you have been so inspiring and have really given me a vision of what kind of midwife I aspire to be. I will absolutely recommend you and look forward to returning one day as a student midwife.”

What about face to face study days? When restrictions ease, we want to expand to run our study days not only in York as they always have, but in other locations in the North of England and also in Scotland.  If you would like to offer to host & promote one in your area, your own place comes free, see more here…