About the Study Days

Want to know if midwifery is for you, or want an experience to add to your degree application? We run Study Days several times a year, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. There is a discount if you book both days, and you can do them in any order. Currently, we mainly run them on Zoom, where we limit participants to 8 per day, to make sure the group is focused and friendly. But there are some in-person dates too…

Study Day 1: So you want to be a midwife? Part 1 (pre-degree)

This day starts off with reflecting on birth, including watching some birth clips that all look very different to each other. Why is that, and how does a midwife interface with different births, different birthing folks and families, and their varying needs and wishes? Can we do harm as well as good? We look at the role of midwives both antenatally and postnatally, usually including a live antenatal check-up with a pregnant volunteer.  If available, we invite a student midwife to the session so they can tell you how they made it onto the degree, and share their top tips on surviving it. And there’s even a real placenta to examine…

Study Day 2: So you want to be a midwife? Part 2 (pre-degree) 

What do we mean by “physiological birth”? What is oxytocin and why would we make a fortune if we could bottle it? What two unexpected things can tell you a lot about how birth works? And what if things don’t go as expected – who’s on the team and what do they do? Why breastfeeding, and also, why not? Some basic anatomy and physiology thrown into the mix to help answer those questions, and also time to learn from everyone’s own stories.

Occasionally we also runConsent & Co-oercion: exploring the difference”, a study day for midwives, student midwives, doulas, obstetricians, & other birth workers; do ask if you would like us to deliver this.